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With this thoughtful present, you're offering personal growth and self-improvement opportunities. It's a gift that keeps on giving, enriching their life in valuable ways. Discover the power of emotional intelligence or embark on a personal development journey. This gift is a lasting investment in their well-being and success.

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What can I do for you?

As a facilitator and e-learning simulation facilitator, I specialize in guiding individuals and groups through engaging and interactive learning experiences. My services are designed to enhance your learning journey and maximize your understanding of complex concepts. 

My services are intended for:

Whether you're a student, a professional, or an organization seeking to improve your team's skills, I'm here to help.

Whether you require workshops, sessions, or meetings in Italian, Spanish (native) or English, I ensure a smooth and engaging experience for all participants.

You can expect tailored, interactive, and impactful learning experiences that lead to improved skills, greater teamwork, and enhanced decision-making. Let's embark on a journey of discovery and growth together.

My Services at glance

On-Site Facilitator

I help to create an environment that fosters open dialogue, collaboration, and problem-solving. Whether you need assistance with team-building workshops, strategic planning sessions, or conflict resolution, I'll facilitate discussions and activities that empower participants to reach their goals and make informed decisions.

Remotely Facilitator

guiding and managing group discussions, meetings, workshops, or training sessions in a virtual or remote setting. Their primary goal is to ensure that these remote interactions are productive, efficient, and inclusive, defining a psychologically safe environment

E-Learning Simulation

In the digital age, e-learning simulations are invaluable for experiential learning. I specialize in guiding learners through these dynamic virtual experiences. Whether you're exploring business simulations, medical simulations, or any other domain-specific training, I'll ensure you get the most out of your e-learning journey.

Trainer for leaders and teams

  • How to develop your soft skills and improve your communication.
  • Remote Productivity at Work/ Hybrids ways of working
  • Deal through the Change for Bold Managers and Teams
  • Adaptability at work

Emotional Intelligence training

Unlock the power of emotional intelligence (EI) with our comprehensive course designed to elevate your self-awareness, interpersonal relationships, and leadership skills. In an increasingly interconnected world, EI has become a fundamental asset for personal and professional success.

Outdoor Training

Reconect with yourself and the natural world through the profound lens of emotional intelligence. Step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and embark on an adventure that will rekindle your spirit, nurture your emotional well-being, and inspire personal growth.



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Outdoor Experience

Step out of your comfort zone and into the wilderness for an immersive learning experience that will empower you both personally and professionally.

Remotely facilitator

A remote facilitator is responsible for guiding and managing group discussions, meetings, workshops, or training sessions in a virtual or remote setting.

On-site Facilitator

An On-Site facilitator is someone who helps groups of people work together more effectively by guiding and managing the group process.



As a facilitator and coach 

I am deeply passionate about empowering individuals and organizations to harness the transformative potential of emotional intelligence (EI). In a world where interpersonal skills and self-awareness are becoming increasingly vital, my mission is to guide you towards a deeper understanding of yourself and those around you.

My journey

Life is an intricate tapestry woven from our experiences, our roots, and our aspirations. It's a journey where we evolve, learn, and ultimately define ourselves. My personal journey of self-discovery has been a profound odyssey, starting from the depths of my roots and shaping me into the person I am today.  I firmly believe that understanding your roots is the compass that guides you towards self-discovery. My journey began with an exploration of my cultural and familial heritage. It's in the traditions, stories, and values passed down through generations that I found the first clues to who I am. My roots offered me a sense of belonging and an appreciation for diversity, a crucial foundation upon which to build.

Who I am

The journey from my roots to the discovery of my strengths, values, and character has shaped me into a person dedicated to empathy, growth, and authenticity. It's a journey that continues to inspire me to seek out new horizons, embrace the unknown, and forge a path that reflects the best of who I am and the person I aspire to be.

I am the catalyst for personal and professional breakthroughs, helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential. With every interaction, I facilitate the process to ignite the spark of possibility and help to achieve your lasting, positive change.

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Adversity introduces a man to himself

Albert Einstein

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